Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

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1. The battle of Middle Britain (Guardian)

Cameron and Clegg don't get it, says Tim Horton, but tax cuts and bonuses could push Britain's squeezed and angry middle into Miliband's camp.

2. Bad Clegg nauseating. Good Clegg promising (Times) (£)

David Aaronovitch argues that detaching his party from the Tories would be the most misguided path the Lib Dem leader could follow.

3. The banks debate has a 1970s parallel (Independent)

Steve Richards suggests that small-state free-marketeers sense there is something wrong with the greed of bankers but they do not want to act.

4. Aristotle – the banker's best friend (Financial Times)

Much debate on business and morality is too sentimentalist to be useful, writes Martin Sandbu.

5. We've seen America's vitriol. Now let's salute Wikipedia, a US pioneer of global civility (Guardian)

For all its shortcomings, Wikipedia, now aged ten, is the internet's biggest and best example of not-for-profit idealism, says Timothy Garton Ash.

6. China needs us as much as we need it. For now (Times) (£)

Camilla Cavendish warns that western business is being dangerously naive as Beijing tries to bully, buy and spy its way to world dominance.

7. Europe's leaders have got their prescriptions wrong (Independent)

The fact is that investors are now behaving out of fear rather than greed, says this leading article.

8. The rise of fanatical "Israeli ayatollahs" (Daily Telegraph)

Israel's emboldened ultra-Orthodox community is a godsend for anti-Zionists, warns Julian Kossoff.

9. No wonder women are depressed – just look at the case of Miriam O'Reilly (Guardian)

Given the prejudice and drop in status women can expect as we grow older, widespread distress seems a rational response, argues Zoe Williams.

10. Make some prisoners examples – but to other inmates (Times) (£)

Edward Woollard need not despair, says Jonathan Aitken. He, and others like him, can help others go straight.

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