Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on Thatcher, child poverty and anti-cuts protests.

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1. The Tories: a party in terminal decline?

Left Futures says that given the Tories' weakness in the north, Scotland and Wales, they may never win another large election victory.

2. Can Labour do moral outrage?

Next Left's Stuart White says the party's members should consider what they can learn from the anti-cuts movement.

3. As 2011 dawns, remember the 3.9 million children still living in poverty

Over at Left Foot Forward, Ed Jacobs reminds readers of the UK's high child poverty rate.

4. The whitewashing of Thatcher's legacy is our new disease

At Liberal Conspiracy, Anthony Barnett deconstructs the cult of Thatcher.

5. Parliamentary selections: democracy à la Monty Python

Finally, over at Labour Uncut, Rob Marchant says that the party rulebook is crying out for reform.