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The five must-read posts from today on the student protests, Labour's in-fighting, and Palin's popul

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1. Student protests: class is back in British politics - middle class

It makes economic sense for middle class schoolchildren who intend to go to university to protest against the proposed rise in tuition fees, says Michael White.

2. Spontaneous, massive and militant

Leninology discusses yesterday's protests, which had almost no backing at all from big left-wing organisations.

3. Wanted: A (new) Labour General Secretary

Over at Left Futures, Mark Seddon responds to Dan Hodges' piece in last week's NS, arguing that the public is not interested in Labour's navel-gazing.

4. Osborne's regressive VAT bombshell is both mad & bad

Over at Labour Uncut, Sally Bercow argues that the VAT increase will delay the economic recovery and put jobs at risk.

5. Why is Palin so popular?

Ian Leslie of the Marbury blog questions why Sarah Palin has such a following.

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