Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today on housing cuts, Henry VII powers and Lord Ashcroft.

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1. How IDS misled parliament on housing cuts

Liberal Conspiracy's Don Paskini says the key fact which Iain Duncan Smith quoted to justify his housing benefit policies was inaccurate.

2. More worrying employment figures

Over at Stumbling and Mumbling, Chris Dillow analyses today's unemployment figures, which show that productivity growth is weak.

3. Rebuilding the progressive left

Left Foot Forward's Will Straw explains how Labour and Lib Dem activists are working together again.

4. The Coalition's use of Henry VIII powers to weaken Parliament

Sunder Katwala says the coalition is using "Henry VIII" clauses to bypass Parliament.

5. Lord Ashcroft's crusade against foreign grannies

Finally, Political Scrapbook looks at Lord Ashcroft's attempt to deprieve foreign senior citizens of their rail passes.

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