CommentPlus: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Ireland shouldn't get a penny until it gives up its tax piracy (Guardian)

In return for the bailout, Ireland must end its shameful status as Europe's greatest tax haven, says Polly Toynbee.

2. How Germany could come to kill the euro (Financial Times)

The single currency will probably break up, and its most likely executioner will be Berlin, says Gideon Rachman.

3. Inequality becomes injustice when it is passed on, generation to generation (Guardian)

Social mobility, not income equality, is the true measure of a fair society, argues Nick Clegg.

4. Don't blame the euro for a crisis not of its making (Independent)

Ireland, its banks and its government, were the authors of their own misfortune, argues an Independent editorial.

5. Britain pays the price of the euro's failure (Daily Telegraph)

But elsewhere, a Telegraph editorial argues that Ireland must be allowed to make a managed exit from the eurozone.

6. Blair is casting as long a shadow as Thatcher (Times) (£)

It took the Tories 15 years to get over the Iron Lady's fall, writes Rachel Sylvester. Labour is finding it just as difficult to move on.

7. Take a risk, Ed - say what you believe (Independent)

Like Thatcher, Miliband must convey a crusading alternative to the current consensus, says Steve Richards.

8. Would it be so bad if the euro failed? (Daily Mail)

The eurozone crisis offers Britain an opportunity to put a check on the European project, says Stephen Glover.

9. Ed Miliband must make peace with the biggest beast of all (Daily Telegraph)

The Labour leader has forged clever alliances - now he must secure one with the British people, writes Mary Riddell.

10. The bill for PFI contracts is an outrage. Let us refuse to pay this odious debt (Guardian)

The great racket that was private finance now robs the taxpayer of billions that should be spent on nurses and teachers, says George Monbiot.