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The five must-read posts from today, including George Osborne on growth, and Strictly's political bi

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1. George Osborne shows once again that politics always trumps economics

The Chancellor criticises British involvement in the EU bailout fund agreed by Labour, but he doesn't say that he had a chance to veto it, says Nicholas Watt.

2. Why is George Osborne so sluggish on growth?

Benedict Brogan says that the Chancellor has yet to formulate a "coherent policy" on turning cuts into growth.

3. Indian Prime Minister forgets Cameron's name

FT Westminster's Alex Barker notes that the UK's recent trade trip might not have made much of an impression with Manmohan Singh.

4 Laws: Clegg was preparing "very discreetly" for a hung parliament

Over at Left Foot Forward, Rosanna Singler draws attention to David Laws' revelation that Nick Clegg had been preparing for a hung parliament.

5. BBC rules that Strictly will stay a socialist-free zone. No Christmas Mandelson

Labour Uncut shares an email from the BBC answering the real burning political question of the day.


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