Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today on Phil Woolas, welfare reform and tuition fees.

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1. Woolas makes it Stateside

Paul Waugh looks at the Daily Show's treatment of the Phil Woolas case.

2. Ten things you need to know about the welfare White Paper

Coffee House's Peter Hoskin offers the ten key points from the welfare reform White Paper.

3. Fraser Nelson's attack on 50p tax rate is full of holes

Over at Left Foot Forward, Jana Mills challenges Fraser Nelson's claim that high rates of personal taxation reduce revenue.

4. If Britain did third parties...

James Frayne imagines what we'd see if Britain allowed third party campaigning.

5. Balls of steel: man attended protest with Liberal Democrat sign!

Finally, Political Scrapbook pays tribute to a loan protester who brandished a "Lib Dems Against Fees" placard.

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