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The ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. For the Conservatives, this is not a financial crisis but a long-awaited opportunity (Guardian)

In a classic example of 'disaster capitalism', the cuts are being used to reshape the economy in the interests of business, writes George Monbiot.

2. How the carriers sank a defence strategy (Financial Times)

Cameron is unwilling to surrender Britain's global aspirations, but is also unwilling to pay for them, writes Philip Stephens.

3. The dangers that stalk Johnson (Independent)

Alan Johnson seeks distinctiveness and credibility while risking both, writes Steve Richards.

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4. Shut your ears to the squeals of self-interest (Times) (£)

The coalition can afford to alienate the generals, the unions and the arts lobby, argues Rachel Sylvester. But it must keep the "squeezed middle" on side.

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5. We should all fear the darkness, David Cameron included (Daily Telegraph)

The coalition's careless cuts make it seem inhuman and out of touch, says Mary Riddell.

6. My fears for the arts and humanities (Guardian)

The decision to throw universities open to market forces will annihilate the arts and humanities, warns Priyamvada Gopal.

7. It is folly to place all our trust in the Fed (Financial Times)

The US cannot rely on monetary policy to relieve the effects of austerity, says Joseph Stiglitz.

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8. All at sea on a tide of short-term thinking (Daily Telegraph)

The saga of the Severn Barrage is typical of our inability to plan for the future, argues Philip Johnston.

9. France's future is fighting back (Guardian)

Teenagers' involvement in the strikes may prove to be a tipping point for Sarkozy, and for France, says Philippe Marlière.

10. The outlook is as bleak as ever (Independent)

Without a revolution in human attitudes to the natural world, there is little hope of tackling climate change, says an Independent editorial.

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