CommentPlus: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

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1. Has Osborne just completed the Thatcherite revolution? (Not that he'd ever want to admit it) (Independent)

Andrew Grice weighs up the coalition cuts against those of the Thatcher government.

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2. Too clever by half, Osborne put his message before facts (Guardian)

This isn't Thatcher 2.0, says Martin Kettle. Yet it looks as if the Chancellor cares little about the outcome that his measures will have on real lives.

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3. Now the "rich pipsqueak" is squeezing Labour (Times) (£)

George Osborne is like Gordon Brown at the height of his powers, says Philip Collins. It is fatal for the opposition to underestimate him.

4. The end of Britain's post-imperial ambition (Financial Times) (£)

Britain is turning in on itself, says Philip Stephens. Cool Britannia, self-confident globalism and liberal internationalism all belong to a bygone era.

5. As they bow to London's arts mafiosi, the Tories still handcuff the provinces (Guardian)

The cultural axe spared our gilded elite and hacked into local grants, says Simon Jenkins. It's only fair to let those councils now raise their own taxes.

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6. Savage cuts and social cohesion (Independent)

This leading article agrees that local councils have the biggest cause for complaint over cuts. The social glue they provide will inevitably decay.

7. Should we only get what we deserve? It's a revolutionary idea (Daily Telegraph)

Neil O'Brien asks what it means to get your just deserts anyway. This philosopher's question goes to the heart of the government's policy dilemma.

8. The Tory "big society" relies on women replacing welfare (Guardian)

Selma James argues that families with children will bear the brunt of privatisation and cuts – leaving carers with more unwaged work than ever.

9. Labour got a lot wrong on terror, I admit (Times) (£)

Tony McNulty says that Labour misjudged control orders, stop-and-search and other civil rights issues. The party must accept this and change.

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10. Taliban talks can be made to work (Financial Times) (£)

The situation in Afghanistan is not favourable to deal-making, says Michael Semple. A credible international mediator is needed for negotiations to succeed.

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