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The five must-read posts from today, including Ed Miliband, and physically leaning to the left or ri

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1. Stepping into the Shadows

Gary Gibbon considers the next race within the Labour Party: securing shadow cabinet nominations.

2. Mr Miliband must be brave and bold on voting reform

In a guest post at Left Foot Forward, the singer and activist Billy Bragg puts forward the case for a fairer, more representative politics.

3. More polling on Ed Miliband

The UK Polling Report draws attention to a YouGov/Sun poll which showed good news for the new Labour leader.

4. Lurching to the left or right

The Marbury blog highlights research showing that spatially orienting people towards their left or their right influenced their political attitudes.

5. In the long-run, it's governments and not insurgents who win

Liberal Democrat Voice's Mark Pack discusses a piece in Foreign Affairs magazine that examines 89 insurgencies and challenges conventional wisdom on war.


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