CommentPlus: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

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1. If the cuts are to be derailed, there must be an alternative (Guardian)

Seumas Milne warns that the unions will need allies if resistance to coalition slash-and-burn is to succeed. They will also need Labour to shift its ground.

2. We don't need new laws to call Crow's bluff (Times) (£)

Anti-strike legislation could split the coalition, says Camilla Cavendish. But there are other ways to prevent a spring of discontent.

3. These are troubled times for the coalition, but worse is to come (Daily Telegraph)

All hell will break loose when George Osborne unveils his spending cuts, says Benedict Brogan. How coalition MPs will cope when they are caught between cuts and constituents is unknown.

4. Catholics, it's you this Pope has abused (Independent)

Johann Hari argues that if Catholics review evidence of the suffering the pontiff has inflicted on fellow believers, they will stand in solidarity with the protesters.

5. Intelligent atheists should want good religion (Times) (£)

When millions are finding solace in churches, mosques and spiritual codes, athiests should think twice before attacking faith, says David Aaronovitch.

6. The greenest government ever? Only if the Treasury can be tamed (Guardian)

The silence from Osborne and Cable is ominous, says Michael Jacobs. The next few weeks are crucial to keeping the low-carbon economy on track.

7. Bob Diamond -- a very dangerous banker (Independent)

Ben Chu expresses concern about the newly appointed head of Barclays -- we should worry about his gargantuan ambition and minuscule judgement rather than his pay package.

8. Shifting the blame (Times) (£)

The leading article argues that accusing contractors about the oil spill does not absolve BP of overall responsibility.

9. Murder by misnomers (Guardian)

Afua Hirsch sets out why homicide law, still dependent on 17th-century concepts, is a tangled mess that's long overdue for reform.

10. A burden of economic responsibility (Independent)

The leading article discusses economic problems in America, where political factionalism has created a deadlock that prevents both Democrats and Republicans from enacting their plans.

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