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The five must-read posts from today, including Ed Miliband’s London vote and the horror facing Pakis

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1. Ed's southern discomfort

Paul Waugh reveals that Ed Miliband fared disastrously in London and the south-east in terms of Constituency Labour Party votes.

2. Beware of Osborne's traps on the economy

Over at Labour Uncut, Jonathan Todd argues that Labour should be the party of pragmatic and fair deficit reduction, not blanket opposition to all cuts.

3. Eight lessons from the general election campaign for activities outside politics

Liberal Democrat Voice's Mark Pack shares lessons that can be learned from the use of social media in political campaigning.

4. Cider and socialism

At Though Cowards Finch, Paulinlancs asks whether -- with cider ads showing the kind of solidarity-building that the left should be engaged in -- there is a socialist zeitgeist.

5. The malnourished victims of Pakistan's floods

On the Channel 4 World News blog, Jonathan Miller discusses the pain of reporting from a disaster zone.

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