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The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

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1. Labour needs the credibility of David and the freshness of Ed (Guardian)

The Milibands' fight has highlighted their flaws, says Jonathan Freedland, but left many in the party asking why we can't have the best of both.

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2. The real heir to Blair is Cameron's biggest fear (Times)

Tim Montgomerie says David Miliband is the biggest threat to the coalition, due his positioning in territory that will woo Middle England and the Lib Dems.

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3. Labour's failed renewal campaign (Financial Times)

The leadership race lacked sustained reflection about why social-democratic theories were so difficult to put into practice, writes Patrick Diamond.

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4. What we can learn from Germany (Independent)

Hamish McRae suggests that we look to the Germans to learn how to maintain financial discipline through the global downturn and deliver solid growth as demand resumes.

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5. The boomers' bonanza has left precious little for the rest of us (Daily Telegraph)

We should be concerned about a society where opportunity is so profoundly determined by who your parents are, says Robert Colvile.

6. Michael Gove's odd schools obsession (Guardian)

If US charter schools have inspired Tory reforms, academic excellence can't be the reason, says James Plunkett. For every successful charter school, there are two hidden failures.

7. Bad news for first-time buyers: prices will fall (Times)

The housing market could be down for five years, warns Anatole Kaletsky -- which won't help the government or those trying to afford a home.

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8. Obama was too cautious in fearful times (Financial Times)

Martin Wolf says that any recovery is better than none -- but it could have been much better than this. Barack Obama's fiscal stimulus was not ineffective, it was inadequate.

9. Where does Blair rage come from? (Independent)

John Rentoul analyses the public hatred of Tony Blair. Such anger is impervious to reasoned argument, he says, certainly from the man himself.

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10. Weaning the world off oil (Guardian)

Greenpeace's occupation of an Arctic rig carries a simple message, says the Greenpeace director, John Sauven: stop drilling for fossil fuels.

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