Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including why AV would hurt the BNP and a very angry Lib Dem sp

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1. AV: No BNP

At the Disraeli Room, Alan Riley says the adoption of AV would raise the electoral barriers to the far right.

2. Ed Miliband: damn right he's not a Bennite

Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Dave Osler says Miliband should have been a little more polite in his disavowal of Tony Benn.

3. The voters who list up to 80 candidates in order of preference

The FT's Jim Pickard reports that in some Australian states, voters can list up to 80 candidates in order of preference.

4. Is Nick Clegg going off meeting the voters?

The Telegraph's James Kirkup asks if Clegg is running scared of the media. Journalists are no longer given full access to his town-hall-style meetings.

5. Top Lib Dem spin doctor Phil Reilly loses temper with sarcastic Twitter rant

Political Scrapbook draws attention to a slightly less-than-professional tweet from Lib Dem HQ lambasting Ed Miliband.

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