Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including Ed’n’Dave’s face-off, DfID leaks and more misbehaviou

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1. Ed Miliband retaliates

The FT's Jim Pickard reports on Miliband's response to his elder brother's coded criticism of him in today's Times.

2. Coalition supporters, there IS an alternative to "IFS denial" over the regressive Budget

At Next Left, Sunder Katwala argues that coalition supporters should concede what the independent analysis shows; it's a clear credibility test.

3. Mitchell: perception created by DfID leak is "total bollocks"

In an interview with Left Foot Forward, Andrew Mitchell, International Development Secretary, insists that the left has nothing to fear from the coalition government's aid policies.

4. What about Germany?

Paul Krugman explains why it's foolish to hold up Germany up as proof that austerity is good.

5. Ipsa publishes ten reports of alleged abuse by MPs

Channel 4's Gary Gibbon on reports that MPs have abused staff of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, set up to monitor their expenses.

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