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The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

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1. Deficit crisis: let's really be in it together (Guardian)

Greg Philo argues that a one-off tax of the rich has strong public support and would solve the UK's economic crisis at a stroke. There has been very little discussion of why "we" as a nation are apparently so poor.

2. House prices are finally falling. Good (Independent)

What the housing boom has done is redistribute wealth to the middle-aged and old from the young, says Mary Ann Sieghart. The baby-boomer generation is now waking up from this selfishness.

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3. Justice has been expelled from Iran's courts (Times)

Mohammad Mostafaei, the lawyer of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, discusses his client's brutal mistreatment by the secret police -- something sadly all too common.

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4. Might Hillary be a better co-pilot? (Financial Times)

Some are advising Barack Obama to ditch Joe Biden as vice-president and put the secretary of state on the ticket. Clive Crook runs through the arguments.

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5. David Kelly was not murdered (Daily Telegraph)

Suspicious factors surrounding the death of Kelly, the weapons inspector, have led the Attorney General to review his case. Andrew Gilligan, who broke the "sexed-up" dossier story, argues that he probably took his own life.

6. The kindly words of Nudge are Cameron's ideal veneer (Guardian)

The Chicago-based academic Richard Thaler is in the coalition tent, but his book Nudge isn't the new ideology that the Tories wish us to think, says Peter Wilby -- it's just sanitised old free-market dogma.

7. Our Oxbridge elite need a university education (Times)

A revolution has been taking place in UK universities. But, asks Alison Wolf, do the politicians know? The distinctiveness of Oxbridge, where most of them were educated, means that our elite have little feeling for how contemporary British universities operate.

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8. The pluses -- and minuses -- of the big tent (Independent)

The leading article considers the implications of Alan Milburn's decision to join the coalition camp, along with two other Labour ministers. The consensus must never be so broad that alternative voices are drowned out.

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9. Cursed by the Bhuttos (Guardian)

The whole subcontinent is in thrall to dynasties, says Peter Preston, but it's Pakistan's that really takes the biscuit. The country's reverence for democracy is rooted in cults of personality, not ideas.

10. Obama's brave remarks reveal a true patriot (Financial Times)

The notion that a mosque at Ground Zero hands a victory to the murderers has it exactly the wrong way round, writes Simon Schama.

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