Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including Tony Blair’s online journey and Julian Assange’s poet

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1. Six problems with the IDS benefit reforms

The FT's Alex Barker lists six of the risks and trade-offs of Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reforms.

2. David Miliband's own Robin Hood tax. Has he got the legs to win?

Paul Waugh reveals that Miliband is hoping to use his "mansion tax" on £2m homes to reverse the government's housing benefits cuts.

3. Blair's online journey begins

Next Left's Sunder Katwala reports on the launch of Tony Blair's new website.

4. Oona King back-peddling fast on Freedom Pass gaffe

Socialist Unity's Andy Newman says that Oona King is foolish to suggest that there any circumstances in which in the Freedom Pass should be means-tested.

5. The poetry of WikiLeaks's Julian Assange

Did you know that the WikiLeaks co-founder is a poet? Jeff Neumann at Gawker picks out some highlights.

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