Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including dirty tricks by the Taxpayers’ Alliance and the YouTu

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1. Did you think Taxpayers' Alliance folks favour AV?

Liberal Democrat Voice's Mark Pack reveals that the Yes2AV.org domain is registered to Matthew Elliott, the Taxpayers' Alliance head who is set to lead the No campaign.

2. Would any cuts be "progressive"?

The FT's Jim Pickard points out that since cuts in public spending are regressive by definition, the whole idea of "progressive cuts" is an impossibility.

3. Balls accuses Milibands of "rerunning debates of the past"

Will Straw blogs on Left Foot Forward's wide-ranging interview with the Labour leadership hopeful Ed Balls.

4. We're still in a paradox of thrift world

Paul Krugman explains that not only does fiscal austerity raise unemployment, but it actually makes us poorer in the long run.

5. YouTube music videos go head-to-head over "Ground Zero mosque"

Political Scrapbook looks at how the furious row over the so-called Ground Zero mosque is playing out online.

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