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The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

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1. David Laws's life goal was to cast people out of work (Guardian)

Polly Toynbee says there is no reason to mourn the departure of Laws, a state-shrinking, Orange Book liberal who expressed little sympathy for those damaged by the economic crisis.

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2. All you need is guile, sensitivity and rhino skin (Times)

Elsewhere, the former chief secretary to the Treasury William Waldegrave offers Laws's successor, Danny Alexander, some advice on one of the toughest jobs in politics.

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3. Austerity needs to start at home for the David Laws of this world (Daily Telegraph)

Mary Riddell argues that the richest cabinet in living memory is in no position to impose even tougher spending cuts on the poor.

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4. Israel reveals its true face (Guardian)

Governments should responsd to Israel's murder of more than ten peace activist by imposing immediate sanctions on the country, says Ahdaf Soueif.

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5. Cameron can't have it both ways (Independent)

David Cameron must choose between imposing ever greater energy costs on British industry and standing up for manufacturing, writes Dominic Lawson.

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6. The west re-examines the rat race (Financial Times)

The argument that public policy should concentrate on the promotion of happiness, rather than wealth, is gaining strength, says Gideon Rachman.

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7. Americans should be thanking BP (Independent)

The tragic Gulf of Mexico oil spill may finally persuade Americans to get serious about cutting their consumption, writes David Strahan.

8. Today it's hard to stop paying the price of fame (Times)

The distinct fates of Harper Lee and Susan Boyle show how the nature of fame has changed, says Ben Macintyre.

9. Obama's security strategy falls short (Financial Times)

The new US national security strategy is neither a strategy nor particularly new, writes Clive Crook.

10. This state-hating free marketeer ignores his own failed experiment (Guardian)

Matt Ridley, the former head of Northern Rock, is in no position to lambaste government intervention and regulation, says George Monbiot.

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