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The five must-read blogs from today on the Budget.

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1. George Osborne's avoidable VAT rise

Left Foot Forward's Will Straw challenges the Chancellor's claim that an increase in VAT was "unavoidable". The rise was only necessary to pay for tax cuts elsewhere.

2. Osborne's dishonesty as history repeats itself on VAT

At Next Left, Sunder Katwala reminds us that Osborne isn't the first Tory chancellor to mislead the voters over VAT.

3. June Budget: did the Tories over-promise?

Gary Gibbon reveals that the 80:20 ratio of spending cuts to tax rises is, over the five-year parliament, more like a 66.8 to 32.2 per cent split.

4. Osborne kills off the Tartan Tiger

SNP Tactical Voting says that Osborne's plan to cut corporation tax to 24 per cent will prevent an independent Scotland offering a more competitive regime.

5. Play it phoney, George

Over at Prospect, Ian Leslie says the coalition should present the illusion of savage cuts while inflicting minimum real-world pain.

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