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The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

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1. Remember 1983? I warn you that a Cameron victory will be just as bad (Guardian)

Jonathan Freedland says that he would like to make a positive case for Labour, but the hour is late, and Neil Kinnock's "I warn you" speech comes to mind. The consequences of a Cameron victory could be dire.

2. I'd never voted Tory. But changing was easy (Times)

The key to Thursday's outcome -- whether the Tories fall short of an overall majority or not -- lies, says Daniel Finkelstein, with people struggling with a deep, tribal, inherited, often class-based party loyalty.

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3. Wise cuts are a duty of government (Independent)

May Dejevsky argues that a thorough audit of where taxpayers' money goes and where our pounds have gone furthest should precede every new government's first Budget.

4. Mark your ballot paper with care, then prepare for the worst (Daily Telegraph)

There are worthy candidates, says Simon Heffer, but the coyness, prevarication and procrastination of the campaign has left Britain unprepared for the struggle ahead.

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5. The left is still searching for a practical philosophy (Financial Times)

What became of the "Third Way", asks John Kay. In 1997, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton promised an intellectual revolution in political thought, but it died in vacuity and derision. The vacuum it has left is a problem.

6. Vote Lib Dem to feel good -- or Tory to chuck Labour out (Guardian)

It is silly both to present a Cameron cabinet as a reactionary throwback and to imagine that a vote for Clegg means electoral reform, says Simon Jenkins. In reality, there is not much to separate the three leaders.

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7. We need a Tory-Lib Dem pact. Vote Labour (Times)

Anatole Kaletsky makes the case for a Tory-Lib Dem coalition, as this would give the Conservatives the mandate required to enact huge spending cuts. But, ironically, this will be possible only if enough people vote Labour.

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8. Soon, Gordon, the torment will be over (Independent)

Being an appalling leader doesn't make Gordon Brown small in stature, argues Matthew Norman. Indeed, the Prime Minister is a complex and compelling psychological study.

9. There are no new constitutional rules (Guardian)

Ruth Fox of the Hansard Society explains that in the event of a hung parliament, the position has long been constitutionally clear -- the incumbent prime minister has the right to remain in office to try to form a government.

10. A bailout for Greece is just the beginning (Financial Times)

Martin Wolf questions whether this programme looks sensible, either for Greece or for the rest of the eurozone. Much more needs to be done, in responding to the immediate crisis and in reforming the eurozone itself, in the not-too-distant future.

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