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The five must-read blogs from today, on Murdoch and the Times, female politicians and fake poll card

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1. Would Gordon Brown do a Michael Howard and stay on even if he loses?

The FT's Jim Pickard says that if Gordon Brown loses, he may chose to stay until the autumn and help ease Ed Balls into the Labour leadership.

2. News Int-erference: Murdoch tightens grip on Times

At Left Foot Forward, Will Straw quotes a News International executive who reports on increasing political interference with the Times by James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks.

3. UK election: Women Going Backwards

At OurKingdom, Laurie Penny says that female politicians have been more marginalised than ever during the election. The one hope is that Caroline Lucas will win in Brighton Pavilion.

4. Tories definitely don't have the economist vote sewn up

At Liberal Conspiracy, Left Outside quotes big guns from the American blogosphere expressing their shock that the FT and Economist have come out for the Tories.

5. Labour in legal hot water over poll cards

Liberal Democrat Voice's Mark Pack reports that Labour may face a legal challenge after appearing to send fake poll cards to voters.

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