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The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

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1. Start reform with the civil service (Independent)

It is a matter of urgency for the government to reform the way Whitehall works, says Steve Richards. It must be shaken up, and roles in it recast, to make it more efficient and less complacent.

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2. Hague's half-page of waffle will not do to bind the shreds of union (Guardian)

Simon Jenkins says foreign affairs was just a small section of the coalition document. William Hague must reassess our Afghan policy. And he and David Cameron must set themselves up as architects of a more realistic Europe.

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3. Yarl's Wood immigration centre is not fit for children and families (Daily Telegraph)

Children must be safeguarded wherever they are, says Malcolm Stevens. And that includes immigration centres.

4. This is a five-year plan that might really work (Times)

Camilla Cavendish argues that while the project outlined in yesterday's document is Soviet in scale, we must give the coalition credit: it has bold ambitions to shift power to the people.

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5. If it survives early tests, this coalition could outlive the decade (Guardian)

In a mirror image of Tony Blair's efforts, David Cameron is intent on marginalising the right, says Martin Kettle. This is part of a bold attempt to redraw the political map.

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6. In the shires the Turnip Taliban are not happy (Times)

Clive Aslet says that Cameron is severing the usual good relationship between Tory prime ministers and the rural heartlands. The New Tories are fine for the Cotswolds, but disconnected from the real countryside.

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7. US must show resolve over North Korea (Financial Times)

The US should strengthen its alliance with South Korea, says Victor Cha, while China must stop acting like North Korea's defence lawyer and join in a strong UN Security Council resolution to deter future belligerence.

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8. Acts of war in North Korea (Guardian)

Conversely, Jim Hoare argues that after a wave of global grandstanding, there will now be little option but to re-engage with Pyongyang as the only hope for modifying its behaviour.

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9. Germany faces its moment of truth (Independent)

The leading article points out that the giant eurozone bailout plan has not succeeded in calming the financial markets. It is Germany, the eurozone's economic giant, that faces the heaviest responsibility.

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10. Rising powers do not want to play by the west's rules (Financial Times)

Philip Stephens says the uranium deal with Iran struck by Turkey and Brazil has caused irritation in the west. However, the rising powers feel they are not being invited to craft a new order, but rather to abide by old (western) rules.

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