Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on Zac Goldsmith, Liam Fox and our broken electoral system.

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1. TV debates: How could they change the election?

Over at the BBC, James Landale blogs on the impact that the televised debates could have -- providing delightful uncertainty in a three-week grid of controlled political performance.

2. Zac Goldsmith threatens to quit

Paul Waugh discusses the millionaire and Tory PPC Zac Goldsmith, who is living up to his maverick reputation by threatening to trigger a by-election before he has even been voted in.

3. Liam Fox's Atlantic Bridge referred to US tax authorities by Charity Commission

An Atlanticist group set up by Liam Fox and linked to a string of other Conservative frontbenchers is under investigation for tax avoidance, reveals Political Scrapbook.

4. A graphical demonstration of just how broken our electoral system is

Mark Pack of Liberal Democrat Voice publishes a map showing that 40 per cent of seats in Westminster have been held by the same party since 1950.

5. Cameron's MEPs vote with Ukip and BNP against gender equality

Ninety per cent of Tory MEPs have joined Ukip and the BNP in voting against European Parliament resolution on gender equality, reports Left Foot Forward's Shamik Das.

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