Election 2010: Five you may have missed

The most read posts from the weekend.

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Doubtless you were outside enjoying the sunshine this weekend while some of us were inside blogging away. Anyway, this is your chance to catch up with the five most read blog posts of the last weekend:

1. Could the Tories miss out by just 5,357 votes?
The 16 constituencies that will deprive David Cameron of an overall majority.

2. Ukip poster launch: the politics of anti-politics
"Sod the Lot" is a step up from "Get Lost We're Full".

3. Inside Cameron's "One Nation" interview
Cameron talks the talk, but does he walk the walk?

4. Labour ahead in marginals, poll shows
Could voters be backing their own interests over those of business bosses?

5. Alastair Campbell is David Cameron
Who's playing who in the TV leaders' debate prep?

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