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The five must-read pieces from today on Nick Clegg, a hung parliament and Cameron's Lexus.

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1. Has Clegg Hung 'em?

Anthony Barnett says that Nick Clegg's stunning breakthrough has opened up a rare opportunity to hang the two main parties.

2. Does this make a hung parliament less likely?

Elsewhere, PoliticalBetting's Mike Smithson says that a surge in support for the Lib Dems is more likely to hurt Labour than the Tories.

3. Cameron's Lexus takes a wrong turn?

FactCheck's Cathy Newman investigates David Cameron's claim that a Hull police station bought a Lexus for £73,000 and finds it wanting.

4. "I don't believe in being negative"

David Cameron may eschew personal attacks but he will now deploy a string of assassins to "Get Clegg", predicts Paul Waugh.

5. Did Sunday Times mislead over Muslim shoe-throwing case?

Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Ben White unpicks a Sunday Times story claiming that police have granted Muslims the right to throw their shoes in ritual protest.


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