Top 5 parties by newspaper and Twitter mentions

Results from the NS Digital Dashboard.

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So just over a week into the campaign, which parties have been generating most noise? Assuming all publicity is good publicity, then the BNP, Ukip and the Green Party will be pleased with their print and online coverage.

It's well worth noting, of course, that the Twitter numbers are not correlated with the parties' popularity or their numbers of supporters -- in particular, a good 50 per cent of the BNP posts (based on a 200-tweet sample) are negative.



The number-crunching comes courtesy of Resolver Systems. More of this soon.

Top 5 parties in newspapers (in reverse order):
- ("Green Party", 41)
- ("Ukip", 45)
- ("Liberal Democrats", 248)
- ("Conservatives", 879)
- ("Labour Party", 924)

Top 5 parties on Twitter (in reverse order):
- ("BNP", 3,423)
- ("Ukip", 4,412)
- ("Liberal Democrats", 5,503)
- ("Conservatives", 23,477)
- ("Labour Party", 44,624)

Note: These numbers are based on how frequently parties, people and topics were mentioned on Twitter and in the major UK newspapers over the past week, with a number of adjustments to make sure that only mentions relating to the general election are considered. Mentions can be positive, negative or neutral, and should not be confused with popularity.


Jon Bernstein, former deputy editor of New Statesman, is a digital strategist and editor. He tweets @Jon_Bernstein. 

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