New Tory posters want it both ways

"Let's love bomb the NHS while we bring back the birch."

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After last week's dramatic swerve to the right, this weekend's Tory poster launch looks more like an attempt to straddle two audiences - the base and disaffected Labour voters.


So for the base we have:

  • "Let's Restore Discipline In Schools"
  • "Let's Have National Citizen Service For 16 Year-Olds"

Dog whistle, anyone? Meanwhile, the more care-sharing Tory party gives us:

  • "Let's Scrap ID Cards"
  • "Let's Fund New NHS Cancer Drugs"

Each features David Cameron, sleeves rolled up - the same picture and the same layout as last Tuesday's effort.

Time to boot up Photoshop?



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Jon Bernstein, former deputy editor of New Statesman, is a digital strategist and editor. He tweets @Jon_Bernstein.