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The five must-read posts from today, on tactical voting, homophobia and the Murdoch web charge.

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1. How could you vote for a hung parliament?

Last week's New Statesman essay by Anthony Barnett appeared to offer advice to voters who want a hung parliament. But he was wrong, says Next Left's Sunder Katwala, who gives detailed instructions on tactical voting.

2. Is Brown running scared of a Paxo stuffing?

Paul Waugh reveals that No 10 has not yet given the green light for the hour-long grilling on Newsnight that John Major and Tony Blair both faced.

3. Cameron's gay rights gaffe

At Liberal Conspiracy, Paul Sagar blogs on the mainstream media's response to David Cameron's disastrous interview with the Gay Times, and what this tells us about homophobia in our society.

4. BBC capitulation paves way for Murdoch web charge

Trying to get people to pay for access to information on the internet is not the model we should be following, Joy Johnson writes at Left Foot Forward.

5. That "eye-opening" Geoff Hoon claim in Andrew Rawnsley's book

It's been quite a week for Hoon, says Simon Jeffery, and that has drawn attention to a passage in Rawnsley's book The End of the Party claiming that Hoon has kept explosive details about Dr David Kelly under wraps.

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