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The five must-read pieces from today on Roosevelt, spending cuts, and Richard Madeley.

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1. Proof that Tory spending confusion goes right to the roots

Over at Tory Stories, Joe Laking says that Conservative councils are as confused over spending policy as the national party.

2. Franklin D Roosevelt. What a Wimp.

The New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg says that liberals who believe Barack Obama's health-care bill is barely worth passing should remember that FDR's Social Security Act was even more watered-down.

3. Is CCHQ planning to issue memos to bloggers?

Sunny Hundal investigates claims that CCHQ is sending memos to bloggers, and wonders whether the Tories are planning to outsource their negative campaigning.

4. Royal Bank's bonuses: What's the least it can pay?

Robert Peston questions just how much smaller RBS bonuses will be this year.

5. Richard Madeley defends Blair on Iraq

And finally, Paul Waugh is amazed to discover that a video of Richard Madeley defending Tony Blair over the Iraq war is not a spoof.


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