Iran: watching the anniversary

Where to look for up-to-the-minute information on today's protests in Iran.

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The anniversary of the Islamic Revolution is usually greeted with mass celebrations by Iranians. However, this year's activities are set to be marred by demonstrations for increased accountability and representation. Given the turmoil surrounding the coverage of the disputed elections in June 2009, we have identified a number of good sources to monitor today's events.

Live coverage

Look for al-Jazeera, the BBC and the Guardian to begin live blogs should events escalate.

Alternatively, search #Iran or #Iran elections on Twitter.

Commentators -- Juan Cole (University of Michigan) routinely sifts through misrepresentations of Iran. -- Gary Sick of Columbia University will point to his pick of the various op-eds and commentaries on Iran. -- The Leveretts place Iran in its regional context and take on neocon observers. -- The Iran programme at the New Century Foundation is managed by a former Tehran correspondent for the Guardian, Geneive Abdo.

Green Movement sites -- Official website of the Green Movement. -- A blog providing regular and extended coverage from the Green Movement's perspective.

The government's line -- Tehran's English news network.

Farsi sources -- Press TV's nemesis, BBC Persian, will attempt to cover the anniversary for its Farsi-speaking audience. -- A reformist wesbite called "the green way".


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