Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read pieces from today, on Thatcherism, gay rights and Lord Freud.

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1. My problem with Fraser Nelson's Keith Joseph Lecture

Daniel Finkelstein argues that there was a "vast contradiction" in Fraser Nelson's Keith Joseph lecture. Nelson compared the cautious David Cameron with the radical Margaret Thatcher unfavourably, but ignored the fact that Thatcher's radicalism emerged only once she came to office.

2. How truthful is David Cameron on his gay rights voting record?

LabourList's Alex Smith says Cameron is wrong to claim that he abstained from voting on gay adoption. Parliamentary records show he voted twice against it.

3. Five lessons from MyDavidCameron

Clifford Singer, creator of the MyDavidCameron website, blogs on what other sites and campaigns can learn from its success.

4. In praise of Lord Freud

At the Guardian, Michael White takes a break from the MPs' expenses furore to praise the Tory peer, saying that he has the grace to admit it when he sees something he admires in another party.

5. Is this the best team for Labour in opposition?

Mike Smithson of PoliticalBetting argues that Gordon Brown should stay on as leader if Labour loses the next election. Freed from high office, he and Ed Balls could inflict huge damage on the Tories.


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