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The five must-read posts from this weekend, on Rod Liddle, banks and career women

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1.Clegg has one great policy but he doesn't know how to sell it

Over at Coffee House, James Forsyth praises Nick Clegg's plan to raise the income-tax threshold to £10,000 but says the Lib Dem leader can't find the language to sell it.

2. Do Rod Liddle's human rights trump yours?

Left Foot Forward's Will Straw defends himself against Catherine Bennett's claim that he misrepresented one of Rod Liddle's pieces in order to boost the campaign to stop Liddle becoming editor of the Independent.

3. What Gordon should say to bailed-out banks

LabourList's Alex Smith says that Gordon Brown needs to be as strong as Barack Obama has been and insist that the banks repay every penny they have received from taxpayers.

4. Working mothers resist misogyny amid attacks on "Career Women"

Penny Red looks at how women have responded to attacks on working mothers and suggests that there is little historical precedent for the "traditional" family.

5. Home schooling: what is the liberal approach?

Liberal Democrat Voice's Stephen Tall explores how liberals can strike a balance between the rights of parents and those of children in home schooling.


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