David Cameron poster: part four

The Staggers's five favourite Cameron mock-ups

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The saga continues (read instalments one, two and three of my David Cameron poster-fest, if you're that way inclined).

It has been said that the English have satire instead of revolutions. This theory seems to be borne out by the abundance of doctored images of Cameron's notorious election poster.

Web templates at MyDavidCameron.com and Andy Barefoot have allowed the general public to have their wicked way with the airbrushed monstrosity, to great comic effect. Perhaps the poster -- intended to cash in on the Cameron brand in a way that Labour never could with Brown -- is starting to feel like a bit of a £500,000 mistake.

Here are our five favourites.







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Samira Shackle is a freelance journalist, who tweets @samirashackle. She was formerly a staff writer for the New Statesman.