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The ten must-read opinion pieces from today's US papers.

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1. Killing the Recovery (New York Times)

A global fixation on austerity is exactly the wrong course to reignite the economy, argues this NYT editorial.

2. Don't blame ObamaCare for premiums (USA Today)

Increase is just more evidence of deep flaws in the health care system, rules this editorial.

3. A record worth checking (Boston Globe)

Sharing fingerprints with the FBI and immigration officials is not a "publicity stunt," says Joan Vennochi, but a way to catch bad guys who are in this country illegally.

4. Warren Buffett aggravates conservatives (Star Tribune)

Partisans of low taxes on wealthy investors hate Warren Buffett because he spoke a truth that conservatives want to keep covered up, writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

5. Obama's Risky Run to the Left (Wall Street Journal)

Divisive rhetoric could alienate swing voters who will determine the next election, writes Karl Rove.

6. Rick Perry's fading fast (Detroit Free Press)

The man many thought would be the Republican presidential nominee has been losing steam big time, says Mike Thompson.

7. Happy Tidings From the Hill (New York Times)

Gail Collins proclaims good news on the stalement in Washington -- the government should be able to operate for a whole seven more weeks.

8. What's going on at our jails? (Los Angeles Times)

Amid allegations of misconduct by his deputies, LA County Sheriff Lee Baca has chosen to blame the messengers, says this editorial.

9. "In my nightmares I can see their faces" (Chicago Tribune)

Allen Ault, a former commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections, reflects on the death penalty.

10. Taming of the Fed (Washingon Times)

George F. WIll reports that for Barney Frank, no Fed dissent will do.

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