Morning Call: Pick of the Papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Easy to blame the Germans. Smarter to learn from them (Observer)

Other leaders are being hypocritical when they shove all the responsibility for the euro crisis on to Angela Merkel, says Andrew Rawnsley.

2. As Hilton heads off, Cameron Mark II begins (Independent on Sunday)

Dave prefers George's "cold calculation" to Steve's "idealism", argues John Rentoul.

3. There's power dressing and then there's Steve Hilton (Observer)

The singular sartorial style of David Cameron's former adviser smacks not of eccentricity, but arrogance, says Catherine Bennett.

4. How Miliband could make it to No 10 (Sunday Times) (£)

Apathy, despair over a miserable economic outlook and a low turnout could return Labour to office, argues Martin Ivens.

5. What lies ahead in the eurozone is terrifying (Sunday Telegraph) Pressure is building in Britain for an in/out referendum, says Iain Martin.

6. Why Charles III will be the republicans' best friend (Observer)

The Prince of Wales with his interfering ways and terrifying belief in alternative medicine will get even worse on the throne, writes Nick Cohen.

7. Greek lessons that Cameron really should heed (Independent on Sunday)

The Prime Minister's rhetoric on austerity sends one message to European leaders, but he is doing the opposite at home, says Paul Vallely.

8. Don't feel smug, we've got our own Greek practices (Sunday Times) (£)

The UK public sector has been run on the principles governing the Greek economy, argues Dominic Lawson.

9. Friends: The One Where Dave Checks His Baggage (Sunday Telegraph)

Dave bids farewell to Steve, writes Robert Colvile, in the latest episode of our political sitcom.

10. More tea, Genghis? That’s how the Queen should treat a tyrant (Sunday Times) (£)

Why weren’t the television cameras allowed into the Queen’s magnificent Jubilee Lunch with Bloodstained Despots, asks Rod Liddle.

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