Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including McCluskey's challenge to Miliband.

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1. McCluskey prepares to move on Miliband

Three Unite resolutions call for a 10 per cent cut in funding to the Labour Party, notes Labour Uncut.

2. An odd combination of smugness and fatalism

Economic expectations have been so reduced that even weak growth is treated as good news, says Duncan Weldon at the Touchstone blog.

3. Who'll be Romney's running mate?

Coffee House's Jonathan Jones profiles the contenders for the Republican vice presidential nomination.

4. The branding of Daniel Bartlam as a 'devil child' is unbecoming of our civilised society

This disturbed child, who clearly needs society's help, has been held up as a despicable, diabolical and evil creature, writes Brendan O'Neill at Telegraph blogs.

5. Ten reasons to be proud of what this Prime Minister is doing

ConservativeHome's Tim Montgomerie lists the "good things" that the government is doing, including education reform and elected police chiefs.

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