Alan Sugar comes out against Ken

Labour peer declares that "Livingstone must NOT get in".

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It's easy to forget that Alan Sugar is a Labour peer (and a significant party donor) but he is and he's just become the first Labour politician to come out against Ken Livingstone. On Twitter, Sugar wrote: "Livingstone must NOT get in on 3rd May".

After users pointed out that Livingstone was the official Labour candidate, Sugar posted an even more provocative tweet.

Given Sugar's celebrity status Labour will be reluctant to discipline him but he has all but endorsed a rival candidate ("Johnston (sic) v Livingstone is real issue," he wrote). Yet given that Ken openly campaigned for a non-Labour candidate in Tower Hamlets (independent Lutfur Rahman) he can hardly expect unquestioning loyalty from others.

Alan Sugar was made a Labour peer in July 2009. Photograph: Getty Images.

George Eaton is senior online editor of the New Statesman.

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