Redwood calls for government to “tone down the rhetoric of cuts”

It’s come to something . . .

John Redwood, state-slasher-in-chief, has called on the government to "tone down the rhetoric of massive cuts". In a revealing insight into strategic thinking on his side of the House, he writes on his blog:

Ministers would be wise to tone down the rhetoric of massive cuts. They need to mobilise, energise and reform the public services. Labour made clear in their marathon moan in the Commons yesterday into the early hours of this morning that they are out to talk the economy down, highlight alleged huge cuts in jobs and services and campaign with the unions against sensible change. The government needs to be smart and careful in its choice of words to bring about the improvements in quality and performance needed.

It's "new politics" part 94 when Redwood advises a Tory-Liberal coalition to calm it. Perhaps he is still reeling from the backlash to reportedly telling victims of cuts to "put on a jumper".

James Macintyre is political correspondent for the New Statesman.
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