The Beeb and the climate denialists

Why is our public service broadcaster giving credence to climate conspiracy theories?

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I've blogged before about the BBC's unspoken, conservative and often right-wing biases and prejudices, and even written a feature in the magazine on the subject. Like me, Sunny Hundal at Liberal Conspiracy has also highlighted the myth of a liberal, left-wing, pro-Labour BBC.

In his most recent tirade against Auntie, on Comment is Free, Sunny takes on the BBC's odd coverage of the climate debate in a piece entitled: "Our licence fees pay for climate denial". He begins with this typically provocative statement:

After watching last night's Newsnight, I can only come to one conclusion: the BBC has become this country's most pernicious climate-change-denying media outlet in the UK.

Read the whole piece here.

But, here's my favourite paragraph:

If its journalists are so intent on providing balance on every issue, why doesn't it invite 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers to every discussion of those terrorist attacks? If overwhelming evidence is an unnecessary guide to coverage, why not invite the Birther to discuss President Obama's origins on a more regular basis?

So true! There is nothing more infuriating than the BBC's earnest and often misplaced quest for "balance" on settled issues such as climate change, which often has the effect of tilting its coverage to the right.

Mehdi Hasan is a contributing writer for the New Statesman and the co-author of Ed: The Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader. He was the New Statesman's senior editor (politics) from 2009-12.

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