Clinton's crush on Miliband

Clinton tells Vogue: "he is so vibrant, vital, attractive, smart"

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Remember the famously "warm" relationship between Jack Straw and Condoleezza Rice? It's one that Hillary Clinton is hoping to emulate with David Miliband, judging by her interview with Vogue.

Clinton tells the interviewer: "Well, if you saw him it would be a big crush. I mean, he is so vibrant, vital, attractive, smart. He's really a good guy. And he's so young!"

Miliband's typically cerebral response was: "She applies intellect but also psychology to the dossiers that she's studying . . . She's delightful to deal with one on one. She's someone who laughs and can tease, and she's got perspective as well."

What is clear is that, after a month which also saw him touted as the first EU foreign minister, Miliband is finally over the "banana moment".

Let's just hope this isn't an example of Clinton "misspeaking" again.


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George Eaton is senior online editor of the New Statesman.

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