The Conference Five | 27 September

Best of the mainstream and blogosphere coverage.

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1. Did the spoiled ballots swing the election for Ed Miliband? (FT Westminster)

Alex Barker crunches the numbers on the extraordinary number of spoiled ballots among the trade unions and affiliated organisations.

2. Might David Miliband's statement about his future sound a bit like this? (Guardian)

Nicholas Watt imagines how David will declare his support for his brother by stepping out of politics.

3. The penny drops (Spectator Coffee House)

Fraser Nelson thinks David Miliband's excellent speech today will have delegates questioning their choice of leader.

4. The second dimension of deficit reduction (Left Foot Forward)

Toby Thomas argues that the taxation versus cuts argument is where the real economic debate should be.

5. Conference diary II: Sunday night and Monday morning (Labour Uncut)

In its latest diary entry, Labour Uncut reveals some unexpected news: apparently it was Gordon Brown, not Charlie Whelan, who was really responsbile for Ed Miliband's last minute surge of support from MPs.