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Nissan joins Renault-RWE partnership

Plans are for a 1,000 station charging network for electric cars across Germany.

Nissan International has joined Renault's partnership with German electric utility RWE Efficiency to promote electric mobility in Germany.

RWE plans to set up a charging network in Germany with about 1,000 stations to be set up across Germany by the end of 2010 focused on Berlin and Ruhr areas. The company also plans to extend charging infrastructure with other partners to other cities and regions in Germany.

Under Nissan's agreement with RWE, Nissan will supply electric vehicles to Germany in autumn 2011, starting with Nissan LEAF compact family car.

Renault has already agreed to supply electric vehicles to Germany in second half of 2011 starting with Fluence ZE sedan and Kangoo ZE light commercial vehicle.

In addition, Renault and Nissan customers will be offered an efficient RWE e-mobility package, which will include a solution for charging vehicles at home and access to the public charging infrastructure.

Pierre Loing, vice president of product strategy and planning at Nissan International, said: "We look forward to developing the market for electric vehicles in Germany together with RWE and our alliance partner Renault, who helped lay the foundations for us to join this partnership."