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Daimler to pay $185m fine for bribing foreign officials

German car and truck maker Daimler AG will pay $185m fine to settle a corruption investigation in th

Its officials were accused of routinely bribed foreign officials over a ten-year period for commercial gain

The car manufacturer was charged last week for violating US bribery laws. It is accused of doling out tens of millions of dollars in cash and expensive gifts to bureaucrats in 22 countries, including Russia, China, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria and Iraq, between 1998 and 2008.

The bribes were meant to help Daimler bag government contracts for selling its vehicles.

The final settlement that will end investigations against the company is going to be decided on April 1 at a hearing before Judge Richard J. Leon of United States District Court in Washington.

Two of Daimler's subsidiaries are expected to plead guilty to bribing foreign officials.

Daimler, which makes the Mercedes-Benz cars, has earlier admitted to "improper payments" in many countries by its executives.

It said it had taken various actions to address and resolve the issue and voluntarily shared information with the US and German authorities.