Smith Electric to provide electric vans for Ford of Europe

Smith Electric Vehicles said that it is providing a fleet of vans for a new project aiming to help G

The company said that Edison is an electric version of the Ford Transit van, powered by lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle delivers up to 100 miles when fullly charged at a top speed of 50mph. Smith will supply 10 Edison vans to Ford of Europe, which is a partner in the colognE-mobil project in Cologne.

For the project, Smith will build seven Edison panel vans for delivery service companies, two Edison minibuses for passenger shuttle services and one Edison chassis cab for municipal use in the City of Cologne.

Ford of Europe will deliver the final vehicles to all these clients and is responsible for their technical maintenance and service during the project. In conjunction, Ford will also deploy a number of Ford Focus BEV electric passenger cars later in the project.

Kevin Harkin, sales director of Smith Electric Vehicles, said: "We are delighted to be supporting Ford of Europe in this project. We believe that commercial electric vehicles have a major role to play in low carbon transport and are confident this research project will reach the same conclusions."