Picture Book of the Week: Short Stalks at Distant Shores - Imaging Post-Soviet Space

Documenting decay in the former Eastern Bloc.

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This image is taken from Christoph Grill’s Short Stalks at Distant Shores: Imaging Post-Soviet Space (Hatje Cantz, £55). In 1999, Grill, an Austrian photographer, began a project that would end up lasting more than a decade. He visited the successor states of the Soviet Union, photographing the remaining traces of the USSR. Grill took pictures in the Russian Far East, in central Asia and in the Baltic states.

As Ulf Brunnbauer notes in his introduction, the pictures depict “a vast expanse permeated by emptiness and decay”. 


[Sample pages via Hatje Cantz]

Vacation settlement, Primorsky Krai, Russia (2010). Photo by Christoph Grill.
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