11 Things We Hope We See On Buzzfeed UK

<a href="http://www.buzzfeed.com/?country=uk" target="_blank">Buzzfeed UK launches today</a>. We have high hopes. Here are some pieces we're hoping they'll decide to write.

1) 23 most obviously staged photos from MPs' Twitter accounts

That cat does not want to be there.



Don't mind me, just baking cookies:



Pasties are hilarious:

2) 17 foods which are more dangerous than triangular flapjacks

"Ow, my eye":

"Oh god, it hurts":

Thud. Silence:

3) 15 Guardian columnists who have ethical issues about foods you haven't heard of

4) 47 questionable pictures of children on the Daily Mail's sidebar of shame

I'm not even going to try compiling this one.

5) 13 hottest aristocrats of the Restoration

The Duke of Monmouth! WHAT A HOTTIE

James II and Anne Hyde! BOSH

Nell Gwyn probably doesn't count as an Aristocrat, but DAMN SON

Update: BuzzFeed are taking notes. They duly present, with a hearty hat-tip to yours truly, The 13 Hottest Aristocrats Of The Restoration.

6) 17 badly-stuffed animals that look like contestants on Take Me Out

7) 3 best Johnsons who aren't Boris:

3: Jo

2: Rachel

1: Dr Samuel

I will brook no dissent. 

8) 9 GIFs of sad weather reporters standing in snow:

9) 35 Telegraph blogs about what Guardian writers have said on the BBC

10) 15 Pantone shades which are the colour of David Cameron's face at Prime Minister's Questions

11) 19 Geordies wearing t-shirts in winter:


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