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Russell Brand

Don’t miss: Thursday, 24 October


Special guest issue: edit by Russell Brand- £3.50. 

Order your copy by clicking here or calling 0800 731 8496

Read Russell Brand's manifesto for revolution - all 4,500 words of it - here.


WITH Naomi Klein Gary Lineker Noam Chomsky Diablo Cody

Alec Baldwin Noel Gallagher Judd Apatow Amanda Palmer

PLUS All your regular New Statesman columnists

Available in shops, and on iPhone and iPad 

Original cover art by Shepard Fairey

Order your copy today, visit https://subscribe.newstatesman.com/link/RB or call 0800 731 8496

Russell Brand with the New Statesman team (l-r): Jemima Khan, Rebecca McClelland, Rafael Behr, Helen Lewis, Anya Matthews, Jason Cowley, George Eaton, Kate Mossman and Philip Maughan.

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