Podcast: The Stolen Years

Data journalist Ben Van De Merwe on his exclusive research revealing the years of life lost to Covid in the UK.

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In total, people in England and Wales have lost over 1.3 million years of life to Covid-19. That's according to exclusive research published by the New Statesman's data team.

On this episode of the New Statesman Podcast, Anoosh, Stephen and Ailbhe are joined by data journalist Ben Van Der Merwe to discuss his report revealing the magnitude of time the coronavirus pandemic has stolen from us.

Also, Ailbhe is in Hartlepool, where she's been following candidates on the campaign trail in a decidedly "un-electiony" by-election.

And in You Ask Us, the team take your questions on who will replace Arlene Foster as leader of the Democratic Unionist Party.

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Further reading

Read the New Statesman's exclusive report on the years of life lost to Covid-19 here.

Ailbhe asks if Boris Johnson will suffer the same fate as Arlene Foster.

Stephen argues that the DUP's crisis won't end with Arlene Foster's leadership.

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