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Photography from around the world, compiled by the New Statesman's creative editor.

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A bus station is set on fire in Jakarta, Indonesia during a nationwide strike against a new law which critics fear favours investors at the expense of labour rights and the environment, 8 October 2020. Photo by Adek Berry / AFP

Protesters march after a Greek court ruled that the far-right Golden Dawn party was operating as a criminal organisation, following a politically charged five-year trial against dozens of defendants, including former lawmakers of what had become Greece's third largest party, 5 October, 2020. Photo by Dimitris Tosidis / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

The Ghazanchetsots (Holy Saviour) Cathedral in the historic city of Shusha, some 15 kilometres from the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh province's capital Stepanakert, after it was hit by a bomb, as fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces spilled over ahead of a first meeting of international mediators in Geneva, 8 October, 2020. Photo by Aris Messinis / AFP

President Donald Trump arrives back at the White House after being treated at the Walter Reed Medical Center for Covid-19, 5 October, 2020. Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Women wear face masks, amid concerns over the spread of coronavirus, as they queue in front of a bank in Puno, Peru on 5 October 2020.  The Peruvian government relaxed confinement measures for older adults and lifted the quarantine focused on some provinces, amid some optimism about the improvement in the numbers. Photo by Carlos Mamani / AFP

A sarcophagus excavated by the Egyptian archaeological mission working at the Saqqara necropolis, 30km south of the capital Cairo, which resulted in the discovery of a deep burial well with more than 59 human coffins closed for more than 2,500 years. These were unearthed south of Cairo in the sprawling burial ground of Saqqara, the necropolis of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis, a Unesco World Heritage site. Their exteriors are covered in intricate designs in vibrant colours as well as hieroglyphic pictorials.  Photo by Khaled Desouki / AFP

Flood waters surge through Saint-Martin-Vésubie, south-eastern France, after heavy rains hit the Alpes-Maritimes department.  Rain and brutal floods left villages cut off and hundreds of firefighters were mobilised to help find those missing, as two were confirmed dead, 3 October 2020. Photo by Valery Hache / AFP

A doctor waits inside a protective chamber to take a swab from a patient to test for Covid-19 at Sunway Medical Centre, as the outbreak continues in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, 8 October 2020. Photo by Lim Huey Teng / Reuters

Protesters lock arms as they march during a demonstration after the release on bail of former police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on 7 October 2020. Chauvin is charged with killing George Floyd, the African American whose death sparked a mass protest movement, and was released from a Minnesota jail on 7 October on $1m bail. Photo by Kerem Yucel / AFP

An image made with a drone shows visitors on the salt flats watching the sunset over the Great Salt Lake, Utah, 4 October 2020. Utah's Great Salt Lake has lost 50 per cent of its volume since the arrival of Mormon pioneers in 1847. Two decades of drought are not the only reason for the lake's shrinking shoreline; above-average temperatures and water diversion for agriculture and drinking water are also to blame. Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

A supporter of US president Donald Trump waves a flag and protests prior to the arrival of Democratic presidential nominee and former vice-president Joe Biden for an NBC townhall outside of the Perez Art Museum in Miami, Florida on 5 October 2020. Photo by Chandan Khanna / AFP

A gallery technician poses next to work titled One Hundred Live and Die (1984) at the Bruce Nauman exhibition at the Tate Modern on 5 October 2020 in London, England. The first new exhibition at Tate Modern since the reopening of the gallery this summer is also the first to show Nauman's full breadth of work in London for more than 20 years, encompassing a range of media including sculpture, sound, film, video and neon works. Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz / NurPhoto via Getty Images

A worker cleans the screen of a cinema hall as part of preparations for a possible reopening after the government eased the lockdown restrictions previously imposed due to coronavirus, in Chennai, India on 8 October 2020. Photo by Arun Sankar / AFP

Yemeni pupils attend class on the first day of the new academic year, in a makeshift classroom in their school compound, which was heavily damaged in the fighting between the government and Iran-backed Houthi rebels, in the country's third city of Taez, 7 October 2020. Photo by Ahmed Al-Basha / AFP

Iranian football fans celebrate after the semi-final match between Persepolis FC of Iran and Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia in Tehran, Iran, on 3 October 2020. Persepolis FC won the match after a penalty shootout. Photo by Xinhua/Shutterstock

Inbar Regev, an eight-year-old Israeli girl, swims with her pet python in her backyard pool in Ge'a, southern Israel, 7 October 2020. Photo by Amir Cohen / Reuters

Gerry Brakus is Creative Editor of the New Statesman and also writes on photography.